Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Oh dear!

Well, I am not a happy puppy!
Mummy and Daddy went out the other day, they were gone for hours (leaving me to play with Red and Holly though). When they got back they had my new "sister".
But I hate her! She's only 10 weeks old but she bites me and she even bit my Mummy. She's always growling and now Mummy says she has to go, which I was quite pleased about.
It doesn't do my dignity any good, running from her all the time.

On a brighter note, we all went to a dog show on Sunday, Holly got 3rd place in her group and a pretty ribbon :)
It was really fun, but hot, so Mummy got burnt, haha!

Mummy says we're moving really soon now, in a "month" she said, whatever the woof that is!
I can't wait, my own big garden! Yay!

That's all for now, Love and Kisses, Buffy & Rio (Mummy).