Tuesday, 2 June 2009


Hello, my name's Buffy Prada Hilton.
I'm a fawn and black chihuahua, and as you can see, i'm totally gorgeous!

I was born 28/11/2008 and I weigh about 3 pounds! I live with my Mummy Rio and Daddy Jonny <3
I'm getting my Mummy to type this, as having paws makes it a bit difficult to type and use a mouse!
I've been nagging Mummy for ages to start me my own blog and now she has :)
We're at my Mammas now, I love it here. She has lots of Mini Dachshunds and we all like to play together. It's fun because I can jump over them :D
It's hot today, so earlier Mummy gave me a strawberry ice lolly. It was yummy!
I'm going to go and play ball with Daddy some more now, so we'll say bye bye.
Please leave me comments, I wag my tail a lot when people say nice things to me :)
Love and Kisses, Buffy & Rio (Mummy).

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