Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Busy day.

In the excitement of the BBQ Mamma had yesterday, me and Mummy forgot to tell you loads of things!

I had quite a traumatic start to the day. Mummy said she was taking me to the V-E-T-S, which I didn't get at the time, as I can't really spell. "Micro" chipping indeed. There was nothing micro about the size of that needle! I cried and so did Mummy a little bit. She had to go outside and leave me with Mamma, because her eyes went all watery. I'm fine now though :)

The rest of the day was much better, I had lots of fun mucking around in the pool with Holly, Ellie, Lilly and Red, some of Mammas Dachshunds. The water was all dirty because Daddy and Mamma were cleaning the pool when we all jumped in, so Mummy wasn't impressed when I ran back to her and jumped on her with my wet, dirty paws. I did get lots of yummy BBQ food though.

Mummy and Daddy keep talking about "moving" and I don't really understand! Moving where? And why? They did go to a few strange houses, and they took me to see one too. Mummy and Daddy like that one, they said we're going to live there soon. It's bigger than where we live now, and so as long as I get to come, i'm happy. It has a nice garden for me to play in :)

I'm going to go attack Mammas crisp packet now, so we'll see you later.

Love and kisses, Buffy & Rio (Mummy).

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