Thursday, 9 July 2009

Sorry for not posting...

for ages!
Mummy's had so much going on that we just haven't had to time to dust off the computer. As you already know, my paws make it quite impossible to type, so i have to dictate to Mummy.

We have a few minutes to update you all now though, so we'll use it wisely.

We finally have a moving date! Woo hoo! I can't wait, my own back garden at last, no more being stuck on a lead! It's a much bigger house, it has these wierd things Mummy calls "stairs". Whatever they are, they're going to be fun to run up and down :D

Raff is still here, we're getting on much better now, so i'm happy!

We have lots more to tell you, but no time! Tsk.

We'll be back soon.
Love and Kisses, Buffy & Rio (Mummy).


  1. Buffy,

    Good luck with your move. It's nice to have a place to run around. I'm not a fan of stairs but all I have to do is look pitiful and my mom will carry me :P


  2. I hope the move wasn't too stressful for you Buffy!:) And that you are enjoying the new house: especially the stairs!:)

    Take care, and be safe.

    Aunty Pip :)

  3. Heyy Buffy,

    I'm glad you have settled into the house and you're now used to the stairs, seeing as though when I come round you often run up and down them. I'm also glad you've settled down with Raff. See, she's not so bad, is she?

    Lots of love and kisses.

    Auntie Tee xXx

  4. Nice post! It really takes a while to get used to a new home. But eventually you'll be able to settle down and enjoy your new place better :)
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